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Best Med Services

Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)

The Problem: If you are an employer, human resources manager, risk manager, insurance carrier, case manager, attorney, third party administrator, rehabilitation organization, or disability agency, then you are certainly familiar with the challenge of effectively managing workers' compensation claims, personal injuries and illnesses, work absences, and performance problems. More often than not, questions and complications arise in these situations that require special attention, not to mention considerable medical expertise, objectivity and insight.

For example, what level of disability does an employee have? How does one determine if an employee who misses work repeatedly is medically justified in doing so? When should an employee seek disability, either temporary or permanent? What happens when an employer refuses to allow an injured employee to return to work because he is not 100%? What should an employer do if he or she does not believe an employee's condition is causally-related to work? Is a requested accommodation under the ADA or reduced schedule request under FMLA substantiated medically? Will ongoing treatment for a work injury be curative or palliative? Has an individual reached maximum improvement?

The Solution: Best Med Consultants offers the medical expertise and experience you need to handle these vexing situations and questions and more. At Best Med, our independent medical evaluations (IMEs) unfailingly include: a thorough objective clinical examination; past medical history; occupational and social activity history; summary and interpretation of medical records and diagnostic tests; identification of psychosocial and personal risk factors; classification of functional ability, disability, and impairment in accordance with prevailing guidelines; comprehensive reports that respond to specific issues requested by our clients. Cases involving orthopedic issues are most commonly requested but Best Med is equipped to evaluate cases that involve all the body's organ systems.

Best Med Consultants take great pride in the thoroughness, timeliness and, above all, relevance of our IMEs, which also include fitness-for-duty exams, Social Security disability consultative exams, peer and utilization reviews, and other impartial medical evaluation services. Moreover, every IME performed by Best Med, may be scheduled at any of our convenient locations throughout New Jersey.

When you choose Best Med to perform your IMEs, you will receive:

  • Accurate disability ratings and apportionment assessments
  • Impairment Rating Evaluations utilizing the most current and/or applicable edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment
  • Insightful determinations about lost work time, vocational rehabilitation, and ADA reasonable accommodations
  • Realistic assessments of work capacity, fitness-for-duty, and ability to return to work
  • Clear analysis of causal relationships between work to symptoms and diagnoses
  • Resolution of discrepancies between differing medical opinions
  • Objective appraisals of maximum medical improvement, plateau, and appropriateness of treatment
  • Credible assessments of consistency, reproducibility, malingering and symptom magnification
  • Appropriate interpretation of Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) results
  • Information that is relevant and accounts for objective medical evidence
  • Testimony backed by credentials and experience
  • More than 20 years of medico-legal experience and expertise in workers' compensation, FMLA, ADA, long-term disability, personal injury, motor vehicle accident injuries, etc.
  • Litigation support when necessary

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