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Instant MD

Corporate Medical Director Services

Best Med's corporate medical director service, Instant MD, is the perfect fit for companies who need their own medical expert without the overhead of a full-time in-house physician. We can help you manage and monitor all health-related issues that affect your business. We have the expertise to evaluate efficacy of patient care, provide insight on resolution of injury and disability claims, and analyze complicated health benefit plans to determine which ones best suit your needs. Best Med physicians have the depth of knowledge and experience that is needed to develop effective health policies for your workplace, remedy problematic worksite conditions, get you prepared for natural and manmade disasters and other emergencies, crisis management, and other unique challenges that can affect your workforce.

The Problem: Are your benefit costs skyrocketing? Do you have an epidemic of absenteeism? Do your workers' compensation premiums rise every year? Have you been sued for discrimination claims on the basis of an alleged disability? Is your HR office inundated with FMLA requests and scribbled doctor's notes? Has the health of your workforce had an impact on your productivity and bottom line? Does your company have its own expert medical resource to help you solve these problems?

If you are ready to confront these tough workplace issues, Best Med can help.

The Solution: Best Med's Instant MD service is the perfect fit for companies that do not want or need a full-time, onsite medical director, but recognize the importance of keeping their employees healthy, safe and productive. Let Best Med's medical director, triple board-certified in occupational and environmental medicine, preventive medicine, and family medicine help you:

  • develop and implement health policies to suit the unique needs of your business,
  • review and analyze health benefit packages for your employees,
  • provide comprehensive clinical health care utilizing the principles of family medicine and evidence-based treatment,
  • eliminate and reduce workplace hazards,
  • improve workforce productivity,
  • maintain regulatory compliance,
  • oversee and manage workers' compensation claims and disability cases
  • develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness program,
  • provide round-the-clock crisis management assistance,
  • provide peer and utilization reviews: analysis of medical documentation, interaction with providers, and application of customary medical guidelines and practice to determine prognosis, efficacy, reasonableness, necessity, and appropriateness of treatment.
  • and so much more.

    The health of your employees can have a direct impact on your company's bottom line. Let Best Med's Instant MD service help you meet the challenges of managing today's workforce.

    Contact us to learn more about Best Med's Instant MD services.
    Best Med ... the best medicine for your business.