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Best Med Services


Physical Exam Services
  • Pre-Placement Physicals
  • Executive Physical Exam Program and Employee Wellness Exams
  • Regulatory Exams - DOT/CDL, Hazmat, Lead, Asbestos, OSHA, etc.
  • Specialized Exams - Respiratory Clearance, Pulmonary Function, Audiometric Screening, Visual Acuity, etc.

    Workplace Substance Abuse Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing and Screening
  • Medical Review Officer Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Education Programs
  • Policy Development

    Clinical Services
  • Comprehensive Health Care - Family Medicine; Preventive Medicine; Treatment of Acute and Chronic Health Conditions
  • Workplace Injury and/or Illness - Treatment and Management
  • Return-To-Work Assessments
  • Family Practice


  • Ergonomics Evaluations and Job-Site Analysis
  • Workplace Health and Safety Training
  • Environmental Health Consulting - Managing Toxic Environmental Exposures; Hearing Conservation Program; OSHA Respirator Program; Industrial Hygiene Coordination, etc.
  • Regulatory Compliance Consultation and Management
  • Job Accommodation Determinations
  • Emergency Preparedness


    Workers' Compensation Treatment and Case Management
  • Individualized, Cost-Effective Care
  • Emphasis on Evidence-Based Guidelines
  • Focus on Functional Recovery
  • Utilization of Independent Medical Exams

    Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Impartial Clinical Examinations
  • Accurate Disability Assessments
  • Impairment Rating Evaluations Utilizing AMA Guides
  • Causal Relationship Determinations
  • Fitness-For-Duty Examinations
  • Peer and Utilization Reviews
  • Social Security Disability Consultative Examinations
  • Litigation Support
  • Medical Expert Testimony
  • Medicolegal Experience in Workers' Compensation, FMLA, ADA, Long-Term Disability, Personal Injury, and Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

    Corporate Medical Director Services and Physician Consulting
  • Instant MD Service - Expert Medical Leadership Tailored to Meet the Unique Needs of Your Business or Industry
  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Oversight of Injury Claims, Disability Cases, Regulatory Compliance, Worksite Conditions, Environmental Exposures, etc.
  • Comprehensive Clinical Health Care Emphasizing Evidence-Based Treatment
  • Analysis of Health Benefit Programs
  • Policy Development - Health Issues in the Workplace

    Occupational and Environmental Health Consulting
  • Expertise and Experience to Address Workplace Health Issues
  • Provide Employers with a Comprehensive Occupational and Environmental Health Approach to the Workplace
  • Specialty Diagnostic and Treatment Services for Complex Medical Cases Requiring a Multidisciplinary Approach for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Illnesses Related to the Workplace or Due to Environmental Exposures

    Litigation Support
  • Medical Expert Testimony
  • Document Review; Analyzing Merits of Case
  • Identify Relevant Medical Issues


  • Integrated Health and Productivity Program
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Executive Physicals
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Stress Management
  • Exercise Programs
  • Health Promotion - Health Fairs, Screenings
  • Flu Shots
  • Travel Vaccines
  • Employee Assistance Programs


  • Health and Safety Programs and Lectures
  • Best Med Resource Center - Occupational Health and Safety Resources/Links