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Best Med Services

Litigation Support

By their very nature, workers' compensation and personal injury cases are frequently adversarial and commonly results in litigation. Given this reality, all parties involved need and deserve the assistance of a respected medical expert. Best Med Consultants has provided this unique service from its inception. At the core of our litigation support service is an ethical, intellectually honest, academic-level and real-world approach to complex and contentious medical issues. These are conveyed and supported by deposition and trial testimony.

Best Med has the experience and expertise to:

  • Assist retaining counsel with fact-gathering, requests for documents, evaluation of evidence, etc.
  • Draft questions for opposing experts, as well as participate in candid, in-depth discussions of the strengths and weaknesses of a case, etc.
  • Carry out research, investigations, literature searches, evaluation of case theories and themes, as well as provide guidance on demonstrative aids, and offer insight into factual and scientific issues, etc.
  • Assist with witness preparation and examination
  • Conduct a comprehensive record review, summarize medical records, interpret and analyze physician reports, assist in the development of litigation strategy based on medical merits, analyze for appropriate treatment and conclusions, recognize overstatements, apply evidence-based principles and standards, highlight critical points in care, analyze decision-making logic, assess work-relatedness, and identify overstatements and red flags, etc.
  • Discuss causal relationships, clarify medical terminology and usage, anticipate vulnerable areas in a case and develop solutions to these issues.

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