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Best Med Services

Occupational Safety and Injury Prevention

How does one design a work environment to maximize safety and efficiency? What is the relative cost of taking a reactive versus proactive approach when applying ergonomics and injury prevention in the workplace? What is the best way to decrease lifting, slip and fall, and repetitive stress injuries in the workplace and their associated costs in workers' compensation claims and related medical expenses? How can the workplace environment be modified to reduce unsafe work conditions and associated environmental complaints? What is the best way to protect your workforce, the environment and the public while meeting regulatory requirements?

Best Med has the expertise and experience to address these workplace safety problems and the troubling health issues that often accompany them. Best Med provides a full range of occupational and environmental safety services from program development to exposure assessments. We work hard to understand your needs, and develop solutions designed to protect your workers as well as achieve regulatory compliance.

Allow Best Med to assist you with these and other workplace safety concerns:

  • Workplace Safety Policy Development
  • OSHA 300 Log Injury Reporting Compliance
  • Toxic Environmental Exposures (HazMat, Lead, Asbestos, and other potentially toxic chemical agents)
  • Work Station Design Safety
  • Latex Allergies, Chemical Sensitivities
  • Ventilation, Mold, Building Air Quality
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • OSHA Respirator Program
  • Industrial Hygiene Coordination
  • Hearing Conservation Program
  • Environmental Complaints - Unsafe Work Conditions
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response

    Ergonomic Evaluations and Job-Site Analysis

    Ergonomics matches each element of a work environment to the capabilities of the employee so as to optimize human performance and maximize comfort and safety. The adoption of sound ergonomic principles will improve employee efficiency, prevent accidents and ill health, and result in a more satisfied, productive workforce.

    Let Best Med carefully and systematically evaluate your workplace in conjunction with your employees and their job functions, company claims history, management style, leadership commitment to safety, safety committee concerns, and other pertinent information in order to help reduce potential ergonomic and safety hazards and corresponding medical disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, actue and cumulative trauma, back injuries, and occupational stress. We can design a program to meet the particular needs of your business or industry and help you create a safer work environment. Moreover, by regularly performing in-depth root-cause injury analysis and closely monitoring safety statistics for injury trends and hotspots, we can help remedy improper conditions and practices. This results in fewer injuries, as well as enhanced employee satisfaction, productivity, morale and retention.

    Workplace Health and Safety Training Programs

    Best Med offers a comprehensive list of education and training programs to suit the specific safety and regulatory needs of your business. Let Best Med keep you and your employees up-to-date on applicable regulations, certifications, and industry-best practices and procedures. Follow this link to learn more about Best Med's health and safety training programs.

    Regulatory Compliance Consultation and Management

    Complying with regulatory standards is not just a good idea, it's the law. Best Med offers the type of experienced, expert assistance you need to keep you compliant with OSHA, ADA, DOT, FMLA, HIPAA and many other regulatory agencies and requirements. Follow this link to learn more about Best Med's corporate medical services.

    Emergency Preparedness

    Best Med's triple board-certified medical director is uniquely qualified to assist you in the emerging field of emergency preparedness planning and corporate emergency response policy. Let us help you develop a comprehensive preparedness program for your workplace that ensures you are ready should an emergency or life-threatening situation (chemical agent exposure, bioterrorism, radiation, pandemic, etc.) arise. Follow this link to learn more about Best Med's expertise in the area of policy development and corporate medical director services.

    Contact us to learn more about Best Med's occupational safety services.
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