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Executive Physical Examination Program

Early recognition of potential medical problems can allow early intervention and prevention of serious problems. Best Med's annual Executive Physical Examination Program is intended to identify risk factors and medical problems in a timely fashion, but even more, to sensitize and inform you about your health status and facilitate changes in your lifestyle that will engender better health. This program, personalized to meet your specific needs, is comprehensive and is sure to make every participant feel like an "executive." The following are the typical components of the executive physical exam:

1. A complete medical history and physical examination performed by a board-certified physician. A complete history includes review of current problems, past medical history, family history, prior surgery, use of drugs, medication, tobacco, alcohol, exercise activities, as well as vocational and avocational risks. The physical includes all usual vital statistics and the examination of all appropriate body parts.

2. Laboratory tests include a complete blood count (is there anemia or abnormal cells?); urinalysis; a panel of blood chemistries including cholesterol with high (HDL) and low-density (LDL) fractions; liver enzymes; blood sugar for diabetes; uric acid for gout; creatinine to measure kidney function; and thyroid function tests.

3. Chest x-rays initially and every few years thereafter (in smokers and those who may have other risk factors such as work exposures to asbestos or other hazardous inhalants).

4. Spirometry (pulmonary function tests).

5. Vision and audiometry (hearing screening).

6. Electrocardiogram with 12-lead resting recommended as a baseline. A treadmill stress electrocardiogram is appropriate for older patients and those with significant cardiac risk factors.

7. Optional Components based on personal risk factors and current public health guidelines.

8. Colonoscopy.

9. PSA (prostate specific antigen) annually on all males over age 50 and earlier for those with risk factors.

10. Stool test for occult blood for males 40 years of age and older.

11. Screening mammography on women at age 35 to 50 and then as indicated.

Every "executive" will enjoy the convenience of scheduling that fits his or her busy calendar.

A personalized confidential report detailing all results and their meaning will be sent to you upon completion of your evaluation. A copy of this report can be forwarded to your personal physician at your request.

Let us help you build a healthier business — one person at a time.

Contact us to schedule an exam or to learn more about Best Med's Executive Physical Examination Program.
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